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    Rental Search Tips

    A Checklist of Everything You Need To Find Your Ideal Rental

    With these essential rental search tips, you’ll find your dream home in no time.


    Set Your Budget and Stick To It

    The first step to locating your new rental is to set your budget. You always want to leave yourself a little wiggle room, stretching yourself thin isn’t worth the risk of later losing your rental due to non-payment.

    The general house hunting rule is you shouldn’t spend more than 30% – 40% of your monthly earnings on rent. With this in mind, invest some time in crafting your budget before you begin your rental search adventure.

    No matter how enticing a high-priced property might seem, remember to stick to your budget!


    Always Research the Surrounding Area

    Sometimes your preferred home may reside in a not-so-appealing environment. This is why it’s important to do some research on the area it’s located in, the surroundings play a big role in whether you sign the lease or not.

    The key factors to consider include access to amenities such as shopping centers, schools, medical facilities, neighborhood security, and access to public transportation if you are going to be using it. If the neighborhood doesn’t pass even one item on your checklist, chances are you will be less satisfied with your rental over time.

    On the other hand, you may choose to compromise a little to settle for your desired home. Many people do make compromises and settle in well as long as they know what they are getting themselves into.


    Consider Working With An Agent

    Finding the perfect rental requires a lot of work and some good luck, but with the help of a real estate agent, you can streamline this process. The best part is you typically don’t incur the costs of paying the agent as they are compensated by management companies and landlords for successful referrals.

    Real estate agents come in handy when you’re on a tight timeline or too busy to do the research yourself. They can assist with comprehensive searches within your budget and look into necessities such as in-unit washer/dryer and pet-friendliness etc., and then compile a list of desirable properties that best suit you.


    The Roommate Factor

    Sometimes you may have to settle in with a roommate to make do. So if you are considering sharing an apartment, ensure you know who you’re potential roommates are and ask the landlord for separate leases. Also, go over your expectations with the roommate for a happier living situation. Some questions to ask include how their work schedules are, for instance, do they work till late at night or night shifts, do they have pets (in case you’re allergic to fur), how often do they have visitors over, and anything else that may affect your life. A very important factor is ensuring your roommate is reliable especially when it comes to timely rent payments.

    If the roommate aspect seems questionable to you, don’t just settle because the rent is affordable or the location is suitable. Save yourself the stress and continue with your search.


    Beware of Online Scams

    Most rental advertisements are done online these days and that’s a good thing! But while online rental searches help you make a list of possibilities, you can only tell so much by what you see or read on the internet. It’s always best to visit the premises in person to confirm the beautiful pictures you saw online. So unless you’re renting in another country or state and can’t make the trip, consider taking a walk-through before signing anything.

    Remember this, no one should ask you for a deposit to show you a unit.

    Additionally, be cautious when renting directly from a landlord because you will issue them with your Social Security number and bank details and they will likely run a credit check. All things considered, it’s safer to collaborate with an accredited real estate professional.


    Go Over The Lease Agreement

    While contracts are generally boring to read, leasing contracts are not like the agreements you have to consent to when launching a new app on your phone. It’s important to go through a lease before signing to stay informed of what the landlord expects of their tenants. Issues like how to maintain the property, the notice period before you enter the unit, and factors that lead to the termination of the lease among others are addressed there. It’s better to be sure of what you’re agreeing to upfront so you don’t get unpleasant surprises later.


    Keep A List of Some Questions To Ask

    Don’t assume anything, even minute details. Clever renters always ask questions and don’t leave anything to chance. Selecting a place to spend months, even years, is a huge deal and it’s smart to ask questions so that you are aware of everything you need to know. Some broader questions to ask include what circumstances the previous renter left and if any recent updates have been made to the property.

    For genuine information ask other tenants about their experiences living in that property including what it’s like to rent from the property landlord or management corporation. While online reviews are useful, personal reviews are more interactive and they help paint a clear picture of what it’s like to reside in the rentals.

    Finding the perfect rental definitely takes time but it’s worth investing your resources to ensure you end up locating the ultimate fit for your budget, lifestyle, and requirements.

    Western Nevada Management, Inc. is dedicated to creating a seamless rental process for both tenants and landlords. If you need help finding a rental or renting your property, get in touch as we are happy to guide you through the process.

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